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Dienstag, Mai 01, 2007

09.05.07: uNiTy in bAsS

CHoPPer & dJ SImoN

No mOre tO sAy!!!!
yOu kNoW iT wiLL be gOOd!!!!

Don't ya?!?!?!!!!!!!


Blogger JacobMoore said...

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Samstag, 01 September, 2007  
Blogger MatthewWilliams said...

Then everything at her reunions is so well proportioned--she has just enough of music, and just enough of whatever amusement may add to the pleasure of her guests; and still there is no appearance of design or management on her part.. It is by the use of this image that we figure to ourselves the conception of the dream distortion and of the censorship, and ventured to crystallize our impression in a rather crude, but at least definite, psychological theory.. I'd be delighted to help you move the things, don't you know.. When there is nothing in common between the dream thoughts, the dream work takes the trouble to create a something, in order to make a common presentation feasible in the dream.. Freud is the father of modern abnormal psychology and he established the psychoanalytical point of view.. An analysis of such an example will show that it belongs to our second class of dreams--a perfectly concealed realization of repressed desires.. We are very happy, but the world thinks we are undone.. This cerebral anaemia produces a transformation of character, demonomaniacal hallucinations, and very violent nocturnal, perhaps also diurnal, states of anxiety.. I have a strong doubt whether an unfulfilled wish from the day would suffice to create a dream in an adult.. ; republished in the volume, Two Runaways, and Other Stories (1889), by Harry Stillwell Edwards (The Century Co. Ah--er--not the finest bourbon whiskey, selected by a Kentucky friend? No? Pardon me! A cigar, then--the mildest Havana.. Ochterlong did not observe, and plunged into the tide of explanation, Dennis listening like a prime-minister, and bowing like a mandarin--which is, I suppose, the same thing.. In fact, I might almost call it beautiful.. The young girl leaned forward in her chair with an attention so breathless, a sympathy so quick, and an admiration so artless and unconscious that in an instant she divided with the speaker the attention of the whole assemblage.. After which, they would stretch upon that unyielding frame the hide of a reality which they had previously killed.. Not handicapped, the squire's horse forged ahead, and as his nose pushed up to the dashboard of the deacon's sleigh, that good man groaned in agonized disappointment and bitterness of spirit.. There is no collection as yet of his short stories.. Now, as to my invitation--that is very different.. A medical journal which displayed my name among others on the cover had published a ruinous review of a book by my friend F---- of Berlin, from the pen of a very juvenile reviewer.. The loose associative connection in the dream we have not only recognized, but we have placed under its control a far greater territory than could have been supposed; we have, however, found it merely the feigned substitute for another correct and senseful one...

Samstag, 01 September, 2007  
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